Thursday, 14 February 2013

How Should Plastic Surgeons Make Themselves Known?

Doctors rely on marketing, too, to get clients. After going through years of education and training, plastic surgeons should learn how to promote themselves. New ones in the field are easily pushed aside by seasoned aesthetic surgeons who already have huge client base and lots of referrals. Plastic surgery marketing is as tricky as any type of marketing. Indeed, it’s more than just being an accomplished surgeon. It’s not just about being an expert but also about letting everyone know you are an expert.

More people, both men and women, are coming to cosmetic surgery clinics to look better. This market is seeing a boon as awareness regarding cosmetic enhancement is increasing and as people are realizing there are non surgical ways to enhance their looks. Any plastic surgeon should not have trouble looking for willing patients, but there’s just an unequal distribution of patients. Only well known clinics get the most patients.

How can you get a nice slice of the market?

1.   Know your market. Face the fact that not all people can afford plastic or cosmetic surgery. Usual clients are high-class and upper middle class citizens. It makes sense to target these people in your marketing campaigns.
2.   Flyers and leaflets are still useful. Traditional advertising tactics still find their way amid proliferation of internet marketing trends. Many clinics still distribute flyers to potential customers.

3.   Magazines can be windows for likely clients, too. Another old way to advertise business is through print media. This can be expensive, and starters in the cosmetic surgery circle may have trouble funding such a costly publicity. Yet some get on with it and cross their fingers.

4.   Create a website. Top surgeons in Los Angeles get a lot of recognition online. They hire internet marketing Los Angeles agencies to make their websites and generate online campaigns to introduce themselves to potential clients online.

5.   Create social media pages. Facebook and Twitter are powerful online marketing platforms. Every plastic surgeon should know they can get a lot of client inquiries from these social media sites. Social media is also where one can interact with clients and potential clients.

6.   Blog! Plastic surgeons can talk to people on a blog, which should be linked to their website. What can they talk about? Well, a lot of people want tips about how to look young. People can never get enough information about how to look good. Also, introducing cosmetic procedures is a good way of promoting your services.

7.   Create video tutorials. YouTube is another powerful marketing engine, which is used by millions of businesses around the world. People in the medical profession use YouTube to talk to their audience and educate them about medical procedures.

Finally, don’t get too promotional and don’t forget to be friendly to your potential clients!

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